Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

So, heres a little update on my art stufs. thisw si a sculpture ive been working on recently for my figure sculpting class. im having a blast doing it and my professor loves it im super stoked. but its a long way off alot of is body looks to firm and young while im goin for an older look. i havr to add some more rolls and make everything saggier and wrinkley. last but not least he needs an enviroment, kinda see him in a childrens story fo im definatly thinking something fantasy-ish. if you got any ideas let me know.

the model brought in his pet bird today, so i threw it in the piece totaly gave it a new edge.
im super happy with the gesture, it really flows.

well thats it for now, ill post more as i get them. hopefully i wont forget my camera again and i can get some picks to post up from my current stop motion flick im working on.

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